How do I order WITS Resources?

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Great News!
For your convenience we have opened an online store that has streamlined the ordering process.  Please use this link to enter our new store.


Book Purchase Information

For WITS certified books, please view our booklist. We do not sell these books directly. They are available from Chapters, Amazon and a variety of other book retailers.

Unsure about which  resources are ideal to have on hand when starting the WITS Program in your school? 

We suggest:

1. Books from our reading list; all of the books on our list have a lesson plan/activity that encourages understanding of the WITS and WITS LEADS strategies. A checklist of all of the books can be downloaded at Use this checklist to determine which books are currently in your library; one book/activity per month for each program is suggested.

2. Badges (sticker .15 each, pin .50 each) for the k-3 students for the Swearing In Ceremony. Mood pencil or bookmark ruler (.50 each) for the students in grades 4-6 for the Tug of Help.

* Both of these 'Kick Off' events happen yearly, when the WITS/LEADS Programs are introduced/reintroduced to the students have your Community Leader hand out these visual reminder items as a way to promote recognition of the strategies.

* Other popular items (highlighters, pens, illusion cards, etc) are available for purchase, should your Community Leader want to distribute a visual reminder gift to students at each visit.

3. Posters for classrooms and hallways; we have a wide selection that can be purchased from our charity or downloaded and printed at your school.

4. Pamphlets to introduce the program to parents.


An illustration of the resources can be found below. Click on an image to enlarge and view a description of the product.



Purchase a Start up Kit

Are you interested in purchasing a
WITS Program
Start-Up Kit?

For example: Start up kit based on 200 students = $300.00


Please provide the following information via email and we will get back to you with the cost and description of a personalized start up kit for your school.

1. How many WITS students (k-grade 3) do you have?

2. How many WITS/LEADS (grades 4-6) students do you have?

In your kit there will be a few books for each program, pamphlets for all students to take home and one visual reminder gift for the Kick Off Ceremonies (Swearing In Ceremony for the WITS students, Tug of Help for the WITS LEADS students).  We'll also include a package of Star of the Week cards, recognition stickers, one of each of our posters, a WITS Oath banner and the ever popular illusion cards.


Lesson plans/activities for each book can be found online at   

Should you wish to purchase more resources, please enter outr store

As always, we are here to help.  Please direct questions to or call